My parents turned the basement into a rec room

When I was 10 years old, our parents hired a construction Builder to turn the basement into a rec room.

They added walls in addition to flooring in addition to even carpeting.

My parents bought a sofa in addition to a loveseat for the brand new entertainment area. They bought a brand new 19 inch color cable, which was incredibly large at the time. The only thing our parents did not consider was the fact that the basement might be cold while in the Winter time months. As soon as it got cold, our siblings in addition to I complained about spending time downstairs. It was about 60° in addition to much colder than the rest of the house. My Mom in addition to Mom decided to buy a space gas furnace for the basement. They purchased a space gas furnace that ran on kerosene fuel. The space gas furnace worked entirely well in addition to it warmed the entire basement in a matter of hours, however unfortunately, the space gas furnace was not exactly the safest equipment for the basement, one day it tipped over in addition to the carpet caught on fire. Before our parents put out the fire, it destroyed half of the room. When our parents had the basement remodeled after the fire, they decided it was best to buy a ductless Heating in addition to A/C unit for the space. The construction crew added the Heating in addition to A/C equipment to the wall by the entrance to the room. That equipment still runs after 10 years in addition to it heats in addition to cools the basement without any problems at all. One afternoon our parents are going to retire in addition to move to the south. Then I system to buy the house in addition to live in it for the rest of our life.
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