My parents were always severely strict when it came to the thermostat

When I was a youngster, my parents were always very strict about the temperature control settings in the house.

I had to learn the hard way once when I played around with the thermostat.

My father was angry because he said it was way too freezing in the house. When he saw what the thermostat was set to, he demanded to know who messed with the thermostat. My brothers and sisters quickly ratted me out and I got the beating of my life. From that point moving forward, I never got anywhere near the thermostat. My father always kept the thermostat strictly at 74 degrees in the summer and 71 degrees in the winter. If he learned that anybody changed the temperature control settings, they would be in serious trouble. These days, I look back and I actually understand why my father was so angry with me back then. It cost a lot of money to heat and cool the house and you really should keep a strict schedule if you want to save money on your energy bills. So I have learned various energy saving tips like keeping the house sealed up and never allowing the doors or windows to be open for long, unless you are not using the HVAC system. I don’t think I would beat my kids if they messed with the thermostat, but I make sure they know not to make any changes to the temperature control settings. We had a few instances when they did anyway, but I grounded them from TV and their video games, so they learned their lesson.


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