My plants need humidifier

I don’t have any kids or pets but I do love my houseplants. I have had one lily for over 15 years. However, once I moved to a new house, I found that my plants were not doing quite so well and I didn’t understand it. I had intentionally chosen this home because of the large window and the large window sills. It should have been perfect for all of my plants so I didn’t understand why they were all wilting and looking poorly. Then I checked the humidity in the house and it all made perfect sense. The air conditioner was taking all of the humidity out of the air and my poor house plants were suffering for it. However, it was too hot to simply turn off the air conditioner because that wouldn’t be healthy for the plants either. So, instead, I called up an HVAC company to come and see what could be done. They recommend installing a humidifier that hooks right up to my HVAC system. It would have a humidistat too so I can set exactly how humid I want my house to be. This was exactly what me and my plants needed. It cost a bit of money but it was completely worth it to me. I scheduled the HVAC company to come back and do the install next week. In the meantime, I have lots of standing water around the plants, trying to help keep them humid. I am also spraying them with a spray bottle. I hope that they survive for another week without proper humidity but I think they will if I am careful about their care.
indoor air quality