My rabbit chewed the cord to my a/c

My rabbit chewed the cord to my a/c.

I knew that it would happen sometime because I let my rabbits meander free in my house.

I entirely should not do that, but they are all home trained, and I hate to keep them in a cage all day, and they are in their cages at night though because I can’t keep an eye on them while I am sleeping. I have numerous a/cs in my house. I have a single a/c in my dining room, a single in the residing room, and a single in the living room. The a/c in the living room is too high for the rabbits to reach which is nice. I close the door to my dining room while I was in the day, so the rabbits cannot chew the cord to that a/c. The residing room a/c is the only problem. I labor at a desk in my residing room, so I am in there for numerous hours a day at least. I watch to make sure that the rabbits don’t chew the a/c cord, but somehow a single of them chewed the cord within the 5 hours that I was out of the residing room yupterday. I assume which a single did it too because he was still there when I came back into the room. I have no plan how he is still alive because the a/c was on, he chewed through the entire cord. It was basically in more than one separate pieces. It is truly my fault, but I can’t feel he did it so hastily, then now, I have to get another a/c.


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