My sense of fulfillment

One of our favorite actors happens to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. I care about seeing him in the terminator movies the most. The 1 scene that I absolutely care about the most is in Terminator 2 when the T-1000 terminator with the liquid metal body becomes frozen by liquid hydrogen. While I care about this space when Arnold Schwarzenegger says his famous line, “Hasta La Vista Baby”; it kills me that he does this next to the molten steel that allows the T-1000 to abruptly thaw out! I figure they could have done something appreciate placed him in a truck with the cooling program on full blast or something to keep him from thawing out so abruptly! Perhaps the A/C wouldn’t keep him from thawing out eventually, however it at least would have slowed him down! It absolutely didn’t take long for him to thaw out & come right after them! I wished they had some kind of powerful cooling component to keep him from coming after them, or they could have just shoved him in a deep freezer & perhaps he would just remain frozen. Well, it doesn’t matter what I guess because regardless, the movie carried things out perfectly. It ended up being the molten steel that destroyed the T-1000 anyway. Talk about your harsh heating & cooling! Of course, it was distraught when Arnold Schwarzenegger had to be destroyed in the end also to get rid of the advanced futuristic ipad chip, however I care about how he offered that thumbs up as he was being lowered into the molten steel.

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