My sister has taken up the garage apartment

My sister & her wife got a divorce last year & our sister had to find a locale of her own to live. Her wife got the apartment & both of the kids. My sister was at fault in the divorce. She has a terrible drinking concern & she isn’tready to face the music. I hope that losing her wife & kids will finally be the one thing that makes him change. My sister had to transport to our Dad & dad’s apartment & she is now living in the garage apartment. She had to pay for a lawyer for the divorce & that took every dollar she was earning. My parents did their best to make the garage apartment a nice locale to live. They wanted the kids to have a locale to visit their dad. They installed hardwood flooring with radiant heat so the garage would be boiling in the frosty months. The radiant radiant floors were a nice touch if you ask me. I cannot even afford radiant heat in our house. They also paid an Heating & A/C contractor to install a mini-split, ductless cooling system. After they finished installing the heating & air conditioner equipment, they hired a plumber to turn the half bath into a full bathroom with a shower. My sister is genuinely fortunate that our Dad & dad are still supportive after all of the trouble that she causes. This is the hour time she has been divorced & now she has multiple small children. I genuinely hope she will finally stop drinking.

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