my sister rules

I am so proud of our little sibling.

  • She is definitely the first lady in our family to pursue a technical job.

Most of the other, more traditional, women in our family are professors, doctors, or dedicated homemakers. One of our aunts is a bank teller plus that is the extent of family our diversity. When our sibling told our Dad plus dad that she thought she wanted to pursue a job in Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair, they were nothing short of absolutely surprised. I thought the system sounded great right away, especially because our sibling loves to repair things plus labor hard with her hands. My sibling acquired a lot of grief from her family plus friends for her decision, because she decided to choose a profession that is primarily men. My young sibling finished Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair school all the way at the top of her class, however even though she had a fairy hard time finding a job in the start, she is now one of the most highly respected, highest-paid Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professionals in the area. My younger sibling has fantastic client repair skills plus several women feel much more comfortable with her in the house. My sibling receives a lot of calls each day where the client asked for her by name. Even though she is tied up most of the time with HVAC repairs, she still finds time to be a nice friend plus a fantastic sibling. I’m fortunate that our kids have such and amazingly strong female example in their lives.

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