My son asked for a space heater

My son asked me for a space heater for his room, and I realized just how bad of a mom I actually am.

This year, when I was asking my children to list out the things that they wanted for the holidays, my son told me that he wanted a space heater for his room.

When I first discovered that my son wanted a space heater for his room, I actually laughed. I thought that it was hilarious that my son asked for a space heater for his room. However, when I asked him why he wanted a space heater, I was shocked. Apparently, ever since we have moved into this house, his room has never been as warm as the rest of the house. He wears pajamas and has a lot of blankets, but he is always cold when he gets dressed. However, he has never mentioned it before, so none of us had any idea. I rarely go into their room after the door has been closed. If the door is open, the furnace heats it, but at night, when the door is closed, there is no heat in that room. That is why my son was asking for a space heart. Honestly, I felt so ashamed. Throughout all of this time, my son has been cold, and I never even knew about it. I must be the worst mom ever. I told him that he didn’t have to wait for the holidays to get a space heater. I would buy him a space heater immediately, and he could get a different gift.
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