My son probably wouldn’t be the best A/C technician

Although I would like it if my kid became an HVAC serviceman, I particularly don’t think that my kid would be a great HVAC serviceman, and I am willing to defend that point of view.

  • I have been an HVAC serviceman for a long time.

Even before I was able to officially begin our training as an HVAC serviceman after graduation, I was helping our dad repair HVAC units at our house. The two of us had both an oil furnace and a central air conditioning, and I was taking them apart all the time. I guess HVAC units like the back of my hand, and now working on HVAC units comes naturally to me. However, it does not come naturally to everyone. Although I had hoped that my kid would be an HVAC serviceman like I am, I don’t think that our kid has the gift. Sure, he has learned a lot about HVAC units, but it doesn’t transfer, and whatever it is that I have, he does not. It hasn’t clicked in his brain yet. He takes forever to task on HVAC units, and I have been working together on HVAC units. I also guess that his heart is not in it. He wants to make me proud, but I can tell that now working on HVAC units is honestly a chore to him. If I wasn’t asking him to work on the HVAC units, I guess that he wouldn’t honestly be doing it. I think that he has learned enough about HVAC units to work on his own as an adult, so I think that I am going to take a cut from HVAC units. I think it is time for me to try something that he honestly enjoys.

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