My spouse has such cold feet

My spouse has regularly had such cold feet, & she regularly has, ever since I’ve known her, she has struggled to be able to keep her feet warm.

It would not genuinely be an issue for myself and others at all except for the fact that she regularly sticks her cold cold feet on myself and others every single night when she gets into bed, but not only that, but she’s always complaining about the fact that her feet are too cold.

It’s so aggravating to me, & she knows it; Yet, it’s prefer she can’t stop herself from complaining about it for some reason. I guess that she has cold feet all the time, but up until this point, I have regularly felt prefer there’s just nothing that I could do about it. I mean, in our apartment we have forced air heating & even when she sits next to the heating vent in the home office or the home office, she still ends up with ice cold feet while we were in the winter. I have finally figured out the answer to our prayers, though. After years of dealing with this issue, I finally gave up & asked our local heating & cooling contractor if they had any advice for our problem, then they absolutely gave myself and others a good suggestion for helping with the icy cold feet problem. They recommended that instead of using forced air heating prefer we had been doing, we should have radiant heated flooring installed in our house. I didn’t even guess that radiant heated flooring was even an choice until they mentioned it!

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