My sunroom is set for summer now that it has air conditioning

I remember the day that my wife and I actually drove away from our home up north.

While it had been planned to move south after retiring, I thought it might still be really tough to leave.

However, with all the cold, snow and forever winters, I was excited to get to the south and the sun. Just the HVAC heating costs alone were staggering for just my wife and I in our big, family home. It became real that we were leaving when we upgraded the HVAC equipment in that home and sold it. I was still sort of prepared for us to have second thoughts and stay put. Many of our friends were still there although our kids were sort of spread out all over. Our oldest actually lived in the south with her family so that was going to be nice as we’d only be like a few hours apart. So when I was actually driving out of town, I didn’t feel the least bit sad looking in the rearview mirror. It was all onward and upward for us. We got settled into the small house we bought for just the two of us. One of the things we liked about the house was the large sunroom that had been added on the back. It felt like a whole lot more house and we loved spending time out there. However, once the summer heat hit, that sunroom was just too hot. This year, I’m ready for that heat and so is the sunroom. I had the HVAC company install a ductless heat pump in the sunroom. Now, it’s going to be so comfortable out there no matter the temperature outside.

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