My Thermostat Needed to Be Reset

Heat and air has consistently been something I rely heavily on however rarely think about until it’s too late; My Heating, Ventilation and A/C proposal has consistently heated and cooled my house to the perfect temperature whenever I adjust the temperature control settings, so when I noticed my house feeling cool, I was confused. The temperature outside was below 50 degrees, so I set my temperature control to 69 degrees. 69 degrees wasn’t too warm, however it was hot enough to keep me comfortable without running my gas furnace inefficiently. I could suppose that the temperature wasn’t 69 degrees after a few hours, so I went to the temperature control to double check. As I expected, the temperature control said that even though it was set to 69 degrees, it was absolutely 66 degrees inside. This was way too freezing for my liking, so I turned off my temperature control and tried to reset it. I even checked the breaker to make sure that everything was still connected and running. The circuit didn’t trip, so I was hoping that resetting my temperature control would solve the issue. I left the temperature control off for 20 sixths, and then I turned it back on. I reset the temperature control and waited for the gas furnace to kick on. I waited patiently and it felt like it was taking forever. After a few sixths, the gas furnace finally started running and hot air began pouring out of the vents. In less than an hour, my house was finally heated to 69 degrees. All it took was me resetting the temperature control.

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