My uncle’s house was always so hot.

My uncle was really old-fashioned.

He was still living in the house he shared with my grandmother.

They had never had air conditioning installed in the house which meant that every time we visited, it was really hot. I loved visiting my uncle. He was one of the coolest men I knew. It is funny that he doesn’t have air conditioning in his house, since he’s an HVAC technician. I often asked him about this once I got old enough to know what an HVAC technician was. He would laugh and tell me he got used to it being warmer in his home. I laughed with him, but I thought it was silly. If I had a home that didn’t have air conditioning, and I had the knowledge and ability to install it, I would not be going without. I know how I feel in my home when it gets a little too warm. I toss and turn because I can’t get any sleep. When I wake up, I am miserable and I feel like I can’t motivate properly. My home is just warm, since I have the thermostat programmed to go up at night. I have ceiling fans to help, but I want to save money and energy. I wonder if maybe some idea of not having air conditioning, was that my uncle was so cheap. He was always complaining about how much money he was spending on utility bills. I still enjoy his company, but I usually invite him to come to my home, since I have AC and he doesn’t.

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