My wholes savings is gone because of the air conditioner repair

I worked a lot of overtime over the Winter time plus into the Spring.

I honestly worked 50 hours every single week so I got a nice chunk of money in the savings account at the beginning of Summer.

My friends plus I were heading off to a tropical locale for a week-long trip at the end of July. I had plenty of spending money in my savings account plus I was unquestionably excited about the exotic trip. I was going to spend a whole day parasailing, kayaking, plus snorkeling. I was also going to spend another day on a dive that is located 60 ft underwater. I had a lot of honestly cool plans for that money… But all of that went out the door when my AC unit stopped honestly working. I didn’t want to call in the maintenance company to diagnose the issue, because it was going to cost $125. I didn’t want to spend any money at all, but I could not figure out why the AC unit wasn’t blowing enough cold air. After 3 days of moderate hot plus cold temperatures plus uncomfortable days, I finally decided to call out the AC maintenance company. When they evaluated the machine, I was terribly unhappy with his estimate. The AC maintenance was extensive plus my savings account took a crucial hit. I will honestly have to use my ATM cards for the hotel plus car rental now. I honestly wanted to have more than enough currency to pay for my whole trip, but I cannot spend the rest of the summer time separate from the coldest air conditioner. I would be angry plus my lady would honestly leave me! She already gripes when I keep the control unit higher than 73 degrees.
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