My wife and I don’t share the same temperature preferences

My wife and I are deeply in love despite having many differences.

  • We don’t like the same TV shows or movies, and nor have we ever shared musical tastes in the entire time we’ve been together.

Sometimes she likes food that I cook, but only if it’s something traditional like pork ribs or fried chicken. Regardless of our differences, we bonded over a shared vision of the future, our respect in each other’s passion for our work, and an intense love of nature and animals. We have three dogs, a fish tank, and a cat named Charles. We go on hiking trips every weekend where our romance is always rekindled. I just wish that we got along better in our day to day lives when faced with monotony and personal habits. One thing that sets us apart the most is our differing indoor temperature preferences. My wife is a lot smaller than I am and constantly runs cold regardless of what we set the temperature to on the air conditioner. I usually feel hot, even if the a/c has been cycling for an hour straight. It’s tough because no matter what we do, at least one of us is constantly uncomfortable. I decided to make a compromise without telling my wife. I bought a window air conditioner for my personal home office while keeping the temperatures in the rest of the house high so my wife isn’t reaching for winter clothing everyday. Even if I had to sweat with barely any clothing on, I’d do anything to make my wife happy.

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