My wife didn’t expect me to surprise her by arriving home early from work with wine

When I got home from work early the other evening, my spouse was saying that I could go down to the basement to check out the HVAC system.

  • I wondered why in the world she wanted me to check out the HVAC since I wasn’t a professional.

When she saw me, she was surprised. She said she had scheduled an HVAC appointment because there was something wrong with the cooling system. The HVAC professional was supposed to be there around that time and I was early, so I could see why she thought I was the HVAC worker. I ended up checking out the HVAC system anyway, but I had no clue what was wrong with it. The HVAC professional ended up calling and asked if we minded that he came over in the morning. We said that was okay. I didn’t mind at all because I picked up some wine on the way home so that my wife and I could enjoy it in front of the fireplace. I thought we could get cozy together while drinking wine and enjoying a movie together. We don’t always have enough time for romantic experiences like that, and I felt this was the perfect opportunity. We actually had a wonderful time together even after the movie. It was a little bit annoying because it felt somewhat overheated in the home because of the malfunctioning A/C system, but we felt alright knowing it would be fixed in the morning. I was happy to hear the news from my wife when the cooling system was fixed the next day while I was at work and she reminded me of how she had a great time the night before. We definitely need more quality time like that more often.


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