My wife inherited a house from her grandparents

When my wife inherited a house from her grandparents, she invited a bunch of family to come out to see the place.

She also wanted to get some help with some of the renovations and getting the HVAC system fixed.

She figured that family and friends could help with the installation of some type of HVAC system, but nobody had any idea how to install HVAC systems. I don’t personally know any HVAC technicians so I wasn’t really able to help either. I did however suggest to my wife that we have a ductless mini split installed in the house because it would be an easier installation and we wouldn’t have to fix the ductwork system in the old home. My wife thought that was a great idea. She really just wanted to sell the place so we could have more money, but we had to fix the place up to have it ready for sale. So we ended up calling up an HVAC company and they provided us with a free consultation for the new HVAC installation. The HVAC technician was on board with a good ductless mini split and he told us about all the benefits. The house could be heated and cooled in different sections instead of having to worry about heating and cooling the entire place. This would save huge money on the energy bills. So we went for the installation and then we had a nice gathering of family and friends at the house. Everybody said we did good work with the renovations and they especially loved the new HVAC system.


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