My wife taught me so much in a short period of time

Back when my wife and I were first dating, she thought it was crazy that I didn’t really know how to cook food.

I knew how to grill hamburgers, but she said that wasn’t really cooking.

She told me I had to learn how to cook various dishes like spaghetti, lasagne, roasted chicken, and other types of meals. When she was trying to teach me how to make enchiladas, I was really in for it. She had me chopping onions and they were making my eyes water. I felt like I wasn’t cut out for this type of work. Then she showed me that I could turn on the ventilation system to remove the onion smell from the kitchen. That was good to know. There was also the air purification system to clean up the odors in the house as well, and that was helpful not only for the odors but for the air quality in the home. I actually learned so much from her in a short period of time and we really hit it off with our relationship. She even taught me how to keep up with the HVAC system maintenance like changing the air filters regularly and calling the HVAC company. We eventually signed up for an HVAC service plan so that we could save money on all the HVAC system maintenance and repairs. I learned so much from her in a short period of time and eventually I realized that I couldn’t live without her, so I proposed to her! The rest was history and we have lived a nice life together.

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