My wife was really sweet to get me a smart thermostat for my birthday

Ever since I heard about smart thermostats, I knew that I had to get one. The thing is, I’m not exactly rolling in the money. I basically work paycheck to paycheck. I thought that would be another great reason to have a smart thermostat too, because I read that smart thermostats allow you to save as much as 10% on the energy bills. That would be great if I could lower my energy bill costs like that. Anything that would put more money in my pocket would be a great thing. I kept telling my wife that it would be great to have a smart thermostat and she said we would have to think about it and save up some money. She is the sweetest wife ever though, she went and talked to some friends and family members and they all pitched in to purchase me a smart thermostat for my birthday. I wasn’t thinking that I was actually going to get a smart thermostat for my birthday, but it was the nicest birthday present ever! When my friends asked me if I needed any help installing the new piece of HVAC equipment, I said that I already knew what to do. I had that new thermostat installed in 30 minutes. It was a fairly simple procedure. You basically just remove the old thermostat, take a picture of the wires, then label the wires. When everything is labels, you can easily connect the new smart thermostat to the right wires and secure it to the wall. I was so happy with my new smart thermostat and I knew I was going to save a good amount of money on the energy bills.


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