My wifey is getting a new job for me

I got laid off at work, when the boss had to make some cutbacks and I didn’t have a job for numerous weeks.

I sent our resume to a couple of sites, but I didn’t receive any calls. I was starting to know aggravated and frustrated. My wifey came over for breakfast one evening and he provided to get myself and others a job toiling at the Heating and A/C repair shop where he is a worker. He told myself and others that his boss was looking for someone to work during the day and help with iphone calls and accounts payable and receivable. My wifey thought the job sounded enjoy something I might enjoy and toiling together sounded enjoy it could be fun. I went to the Heating and A/C repair center the next day and talked to the owner. The guy was expecting myself and others and the two of us sat in the office and talked for about an minute. After the interview, I got the job. I was anxious about our lack of experience in Heating and A/C repairs, but the owner of the supplier needed someone with supplier office experience to handle the accounting. He wanted someone with a fantastic personality and friendly attitude to answer the iphones. I fit the tall order perfectly; So far, things have been great. I enjoy the job and all the people is super nice. My wifey and I drive to work together everyday. I don’t have to spend extra money on gas or car repair. That money goes into a savings account so our wifey and I can find a place together. Hopefully the two of us can find an beach house a bit closer to work.