My wifey is thankful to have the smart control unit

So trying to hold nature to a plan is just as evidently absurd as it sounds.

Yet somehow, our wifey as well as I entirely thought that every one of us could simply plan out our first pregnancy.

I mean every one of us seriously went at having our first child as though every one of us were figuring out a project timeline in the zone controlled comfort of the office. Of course it all went south from the undoubtedly start. After talking with dentists, every one of us figured it would take various weeks before every one of us got pregnant given all the years of birth control. Well, every one of us got pregnant 18 mornings after our wifey went off the pill. So that sent our plans right into the trashcan. Every one of us were now looking at our wifey being major pregnant right in the middle of summer. And a delivery date at the end of October. This is just what every one of us were trying to avoid. This is a miserable time to be pregnant in this part of the country as well as all the heat. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C cooling costs were going up for sure because every one of us were going to keep her comfortable. But then it got another level of worse. My wifey was ordered to bed rest by mid July. She just wasn’t doing all that well with the pregnancy so the dentist wanted her to do nothing else however just be pregnant. I still had to work as well as that left our wifey alone quite a bit. The one nice thing she had though was the smart control equipment app on her phone. So this way, she could at least change the control equipment remotely from the bed. Now I’m sure glad that I had that smart control equipment installed by the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C dealer.

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