Need a little online marketing

They will write the content and help it rank better on google.

I own a very small air conditioner service business with my friend Gary. Gary and I started a business, but we are not doing so hot in sales. We need to get our name out there. It’s not easy though when you don’t have the money. I know the fix is online and digital marketing. But, I don’t have that kind of cash laying around. Additionally, Gary and I have to compete with 25 other heating & A/C dealers in the area. Some of them are big time conglomerates that have corporate offices in every state. Gary & I will never have enough money to compete with their advertising strategies. Last weekend, Gary & I acquired a genuinely interesting & intriguing offer. We went out to a local business to check on an a/c concern in the office. When the people I was with and I told the local business that the a/c needed to be upgraded, they offered to help us with SEO and online marketing for our business. Gary & I didn’t even have a website for our business. They want to give us a website build with many pages. They will write the content and help it rank better on google. They even will take it one step further and do the social media for our business. All we need to do is provide all of the labor for the office and install a new ac for free. Gary and I are seriously thinking about it. We could benefit from some online marketing help.

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