Need a smart thermostat to spruce up the place

I recently bought a home and I am fixing it up before I move in.

I have been tackling room by room trying to get everything back in order. The living room had wood walls that I sanded and painted. The popcorn ceiling has been scraped and painted. I also have slowly been adding brand new tile to the entire house. My one area I am focusing on is the hallway though. I got the ceiling scrapped, mudded and sanded. The walls are freshly painted. I even got brand new overhead lights and painted the doors to each room that you see in the hallway. Everything looks so fresh, clean and modern. I just love the look of it. The only thing that snags my attention is the ancient thermostat on the wall. It isn’t even a dial thermostat; it is so old. There is a plastic toggle that you move towards a 60, 70, or 80. That is all I get in terms of temperature control. It is easy to bump the toggle and all of the sudden have intense AC for no reason. I want to update the thermostat with a smart thermostat. I want to have a program installed on my phone, be alerted on humidity levels, air filter changes and all that good stuff. I think I can simply buy it and install it myself. I don’t believe I need a special HVAC unit. I can just have any thermostat I want. My hallway will look so much better with that.

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