Need advanced air filtration for boy smells

This is why I am looking into advanced air filtration devices right now

I have a easily confusing set of opinions when it comes to relationships! On a single hand, I love other humans and I want to be involved with them. On the other hand, people are severely stressful and I do not honestly know how to have them in my life without losing my mind, then this is a challenge that I run into time and time again, it only gets more challenging when you do fall for somebody.., then and hastily find yourself dealing with a whole current set of the – love indoor smells, how do I put those… The person that I am currently interested in has a particular stink about him. He’s a easily manly guy and he spends a lot of time outdoors getting sweaty. The problem being, when he walks into my apartment with his stench… It tends to linger in the air, and my central heating, cooling, and air quality control idea picks up his smile and distributes it hastily throughout the entire apartment via the extensive air duct channels. By the time my cooling system component or forced air gas furnace has stopped running a single cycle, every room in the apartment smells love a sweaty boy… Don’t get myself and others wrong, I do not have a huge problem with the inherent stinks of my man… But when other people come to my apartment and mention the sweaty, stagnant smell in the air I am so embarrassed. This is why I am looking into advanced air filtration devices right now. If I do not get a current air purification idea with some Advanced Filtration options, I do not know how I can continue seeing this stinky man! Relationships, man.


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