Need to stay in shape to spot

For the past 10 years, I’ve owned and operated a gym where I train gymnasts.

I work with athletes from 3 to twenty-years-old.

It is my task to not only teach and explain the correct body position to accomplish the various skills, but to supply physical assistance. I am there to guide and catch their bodies as they attempt the difficult maneuvers. I supply all sorts of drills to prepare their minds and muscles to achieve these hard skills. I never allow the students to progress until they are fully ready and sure of it. However, for the sake of safety, I need to supply hands-on spotting. Many of our students are taller and thicker than I am. In order to respectfully perform our task, without allowing injury to the athletes or myself, I need to keep myself in peak physical shape. Above and beyond teaching the youngsters, I devote an hour every afternoon to our personal workouts. I focus heavily on stretching and flexibility. It’s important that I can react suddenly and have a clear range of motion. My flexibility helps to avoid muscle strains and tears. I also concentrate on strength training. I lift weights and concentrate on push-ups, pull-ups, plank holds, lunges and squats so that I can successfully support the weight of our students. I also need stamina. Training sessions with the athletes can be long and exhausting. I jump a lot of rope and go for long runs so that I can keep up without getting tired or sore. I truly care about what I do and prefer working with the youngsters and helping them build healthy habits and confidence.

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