Needing to lose weight to help career

I’ve enjoyed singing for people since I was a small child and always knew that I wanted to make a career of it.

I’ve worked with a voice coach and competed in contests across the country.

I regularly sing at open mic nights and make a decent living playing at local bars. As my career started to progress, I was finally able to secure professional representation. My agent was sure my stage presence and voice would continue to get me bigger and better paying jobs. However, he said that my chance of breaking through to the top level of success was hindered by my weight. In today’s industry, physical appearance is extremely important. My agent recommended that I work with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. At first, I was aggravated that my talent wasn’t enough. But I was willing to do just about anything to help my career and realized I could only benefit from improving my health and fitness level. I consulted with a nutritionist about my eating habits, and she helped to develop a healthy diet plan to lower calorie intake while increasing vitamins and minerals. I’ve quit eating fast food and focused more on super foods such as kale, spinach, blueberries and avocados. The personal trainer works with me one-on-one and the sessions are extremely demanding. In the beginning, I felt sore all of the time. Gradually, I started to see and feel a difference in my body and energy levels. I’ve not only lost weight but gained muscle tone. I’ve become stronger and gained stamina. I’ve gotten where I really enjoy my workouts. I’ve started running and cycling on my own. Even if my new eating and fitness habits weren’t helpful to my career, I would still continue to live a healthier life.

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