Needing to workout because of how I eat

I find it very difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

I have very good intentions, but there are constantly occasions that cause me problems.

I have a large family, and my husband and I frequently get invited to go out to dinner. I often ask my parents to have dinner at my house. There seems to be a birthday or some kind of celebration every month that includes delicious but fattening food and cake. When left on my own, I’ve very good about sticking to mainly salads and fruits. I don’t snack or eat any kind of fast food. I avoid pop, coffee, candy, pastas, bread and cheese. Unfortunately, I’m exposed to temptation so often that I worry about gaining weight. I find it nearly impossible to lose weight, but I do manage to maintain by working out every day. I know that I need to get up every morning and devote at least an hour to a strenuous physical activity. It’s important that I get my heart pumping and burn as many calories as possible. I often go for long runs and really push myself to increase speed. When I ride my bike, I pedal as quickly as possible and work up a heavy sweat. I do tons of various styles of ab crunches trying to minimize the size of my belly. I wish that I could just have more willpower and avoid the foods that have no nutritional value. If I ate more carefully and still kept up with my intense workouts, I know I would feel fantastic.