Never had portable Heating plus A/C on a camping trip before

The lengths I’ll go to in order to accommodate my family sort of have me scratching my head at times.

The fact that I actually went vehicle camping with a portable Heating plus A/C unit is crazy to me.

But I did it. And I did it in order to get my family out of the heating as well as cooling comfort of apartment for a family camping trip. For me, family camping trips are a tradition that my Mom continued with me as well as my siblings. He would tells us fantastic stories about how is Mom as well as granMom would take him out camping when he was a boy. Such fantastic stories told around the campfire by 1 of the all time best story tellers. Mom was a beauty. So of course, I wanted the same for my family. But my family was not at all into camping. Just too much roughing it for them to leave their gaming in the air conditioning I guess. And I even tried to take the youngsters 1 at a time to spark an interest in camping. That too got nowhere. Finally, I had to face the fact that I might have to reconsider just what camping meant to me. Normally, it’s a tent, food to grill on the fire as well as a overheated sleeping bag. Well, to get my family to finally go for a camping trip, I had to modify that a fantastic deal. Instead of the roughing it package, both of us opted to go vehicle camping at a campsite with showers, toilets, a game room as well as an electric hook up. And I brought along a space gas furnace as advised. But I still had a tent, a campfire as well as my family with me so, it was a win for sure.

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