Never had portable HVAC on a camping trip before

The lengths I’ll go to in order to accommodate my family sort of have me scratching my head at times.

The fact that I actually went car camping with a portable HVAC unit is crazy to me.

But I did it. And I did it in order to get my family out of the heating and cooling comfort of home for a family camping trip. For me, family camping trips are a tradition that my dad continued with me and my siblings. He would tells us great stories about how is dad and grandad would take him out camping when he was a boy. Such great stories told around the campfire by one of the all time best story tellers. Dad was a beauty. So of course, I wanted the same for my family. But my family was not at all into camping. Just too much roughing it for them to leave their gaming in the air conditioning I guess. And I even tried to take the kids one at a time to spark an interest in camping. That too got nowhere. Finally, I had to face the fact that I might have to reconsider just what camping meant to me. Normally, it’s a tent, food to grill on the fire and a warm sleeping bag. Well, to get my family to finally go for a camping trip, I had to modify that a great deal. Instead of the roughing it package, we went car camping at a campsite with showers, toilets, a game room and an electric hook up. And I brought along a space heater as requested. But I still had a tent, a campfire and my family with me so, it was a win for sure.

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