Never thought I would have a dove friend

I couldn’t know it, it was appreciate he was trained or something

I don’t entirely know much about doves, however I absolutely have a dove neighbor who drops by our home to visit often in the fall season. I don’t know what it is about that certain season, although he loves coming into our porch. It started a single afternoon when I got home from toil plus this dove landed on our motorcar windshield plus just was resting there looking at me curiously. I got out of our motorcar plus went to our enclosed porch plus he followed me into the porch before I could close the door! He didn’t try to attack me or anything, he just found a stadium to stand nearby me plus was acting appreciate he wanted to hang out or something. I ended up increasing the temperature control settings for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C on the porch. We had a ductless mini split installed for the enclosed porch so the people I was with and I can always be comfortable plus love relaxing there. I put on some music plus had some beers plus I offered our dove neighbor some dove seed that I had in the garage. The dove seemed to be thankful plus I offered him some water as well. He wasn’t disrespectful at all either, he saw some newspapers in the corner plus went to do his supplier on the newspaper instead of making a mess on the porch. I couldn’t know it, it was appreciate he was trained or something. It could be that he used to have an owner plus decided to live in the wild. It never fails too, he comes around all the time to hang out in the fall season plus the people I was with and I call him Bobby the Pigeon. I don’t know why, however I’m always ecstatic when he comes around.

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