Never touch my heater

I used to tease my kids and tell them that they had to wear their heater during the winter.

Ever since then, they refer to their hats as heaters.

The only way I could get them to wear a hat was to tell them it was just a mini furnace. Now, they are using the same ruse on their own children. My son was beginning to go bald and it wasn’t a nice bald. There were some really odd patches of baldness, so he decided to shave his head. He doesn’t go anywhere without his heater anymore. Even when he is inside, the hat is tucked into his back pocket. I thought he was going to go ballistic when his nephew took the hat from his pocket and put it on. He took the hat back and told him to never touch his heater again. My grandson just stared at him like he was a lunatic. He told him he was just teasing and it is just a hat. My son apologized for being so mean, but it wasn’t just a hat to him. The hat had been one that his grandfather had always worn. Before my dad passed, he told my son he could have the hat when he was gone. My son told him it was his heater and it meant more to him than anything else he had. My grandson was still a bit taken aback by the vehemence, but he tried to understand about the hat. He just didn’t understand why his uncle called it a heater.


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