New A/C business opened nearby

Dylan had to admit his new task wasn’t as bad as he’d thought.

All his life, he worked in an office setting, the pandemic had changed all of that! Suddenly, he had to work from home and learn how to manage his work.

His boss held a meeting with his team members about many months ago and instructed them on some swings, the company had chosen to move to smaller office area and convert many positions to remote work. Dylan was skeptical he could work from home every day but soon learned it was one of the best things. He had a spare room in his house he’d been meaning to convert into an office but never got to it. Dylan took up the project and made the perfect loft office complete with a mini-fridge and couch to rest when he felt sleepy. In addition, he made sure the air vent in the loft office worked. Dylan wanted to book an appointment with the HVAC repair and repair company in town but found out they’d closed the business. His buddy informed him a new A/C contractor had opened up a few miles from where they lived. Dylan drove there since he wanted to find out more about the services they had to offer. The receptionist at the A/C contractor was quite nice and directed Dylan to an A/C worker who’d explain everything to him. The A/C worker helped him check out different A/C repair and repair plans. Dylan liked their offers and the fact that they weren’t located too far from his house.


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