New addition transition helped with month to month rental

So much has happened all at once.

My parents passed on a good deal of money to our wifey plus I.

My wifey got pregnant with our first child plus every one of us are looking to buy our first home. This is all happening as our lease on the tiny house every one of us share is coming up. Talk about overwhelming. However, the fact that every one of us are able to get into a yearly furnished rental will easily help. Taking a single thing at a time seems to be the best strategy. And the first thing every one of us had to do was find a new locale to live with a baby coming. Fortunately, every one of us took luck of a furnished house for rent. The beauty area is that every one of us are able to do this with a yearly lease. The reason this is so good is the fact that every one of us want to buy a condo now that every one of us have money for a down payment. For some reason, our parents decided to provide me area of our inheritance now. This is another reason every one of us are in a furnished house with a month to month lease situation. This way, every one of us assume that every one of us are have full service accommodations while every one of us go through the pregnancy plus birth. Plus, dealing with fully furnished rentals allows us to wait component after the baby is born to furnish our new house. I appreciate the idea of short term housing because of the gift of flexibility it gives us in this pivotal time of our lives. Temporary housing has been a lifeline for us in a time when so many parts of our life is changing.

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