New city plus extended stay apartment

This is the first time I have ever had to transfer as an adult.

The only other significant transfer was from our parents condo to our school dorm.

After that, there were a series of apartments but the moving area was simple. However, this time is different. I got our first promotion plus had to head out instantly for the new task. I decided to take luck of an extended stay apartment. Knowing that the extended stay rental would have full service accommodations is a big relief for me. First, I will be focusing solely on our new task responsibilities. Utilizing furnished short term rental gives me the freedom to hit the ground running on our new task. Plus, I don’t have to bring along a bunch of the hand me down furniture I have been residing with. The new task comes with a easily nice pay raise so I will be able to get actual grown up furniture. The yearly furnished rental gives me the ability to just transfer in with our clothes plus our personal belongings. I don’t have to worry about anything else. And this is no affordable housing situation. The locale I’m moving into is much more appreciate a corporate suite. It is absolutely the finest locale I have ever had the chance to live in. Knowing that I only have to do a month to month lease will allow me the freedom to check out the housing market in our new area. I’m so thankful that extended stay rentals exist because I sure wouldn’t want to have to find a locale plus start this new task at the same time.

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