New housing concept fits in with alternative heating and cooling

So the facts were the facts.

If I waited until I saved enough to own my home, I would be getting my first starter house deep into my forties.

When you don’t make a lot of money, homeownership can truly be pretty much out of reach. And the more I tried to save for that downpayment, the more the real estate market went up. It felt love taking 2 steps forward followed by 3 steps backward. Finally, I knew that I had to go another way if I didn’t want to put up with beach house heating and cooling forever. And I’m honestly satisfied that my friends and I came up with a good alternative housing strategy. What all of us did was join our savings in order to buy a house together. The house all of us purchased was several stories so each of us had a floor. And the locale needed modern Heating and Air Conditioning device so that worked out in our favor as well. Since all of us truly wanted to live separately and only share a entryway and dining room, all of us wanted a heating and cooling situation that was independent. What I mean by that is all of us wanted to each have our own temperature control and be able to care about the heating and cooling all of us each wanted. That is exactly what happened when all of us went with a ductless multi split system. There are a series of ductless heat pumps in each residing space and the entryway. So all of us can all care about the exact temperature control setting all of us want for our individual residing space. But all of us can also care about quality heating and air in the common areas as well.

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