New HVAC equipment with all kinds of wonderful HVAC tech

To say that I’m into technology would be a true overstatement.

I use technology however to recommend that I’m fluent, proficient or up on the latest trends would be off.

With technology, I feel as though I’m perpetually late to the party. And I tend to learn what I need to learn to do what I need to do and that’s basically it. When I’m inside the zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office, I sometimes have to call our kid to help me figure out some up-to-date technology update at work. So Heating and A/C technology was not at the front of my mind when the Heating and A/C specialist told us it was time to update the Heating and A/C device. My wife and I knew that this was coming since the Heating and A/C device was basically 25 years old. We didn’t get to choose that Heating and A/C device as all of us inherited it with the lake household when all of us obtained it. The heating and cooling device was only a few years seasoned and it was wonderful stuff. That Heating and A/C device got all sorts of Heating and A/C repair over the ensuing years. That’s why it went so long I think. When all of us met with the Heating and A/C device worker, I was pretty amazed by what I was seeing. There was so much Heating and A/C technology evolution over the last couple of decades that I had to ask a great deal of questions. But I learned about better SEER ratings and smart temperature controls. These were basically standard on pretty much all the residential Heating and A/C devices these days. Happily, I have children who can show me just how to put the smart temperature control app on our cell phone.

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