New lover, fancy new HVAC system on his dime

I am always interested in dating partners who come with particular sets of benefits.

I know, this can sound a bit gold digging, but I’ve gone through my fair share of loser partners who had nothing to offer, as well.

There’s no point in dating someone who only takes. When I’m settling down with a new partner these days, I expect that they have some handy skills or add special features to the relationship. For instance, I love to date a man who knows how to work on household repairs. You know what sucks? Paying for professionals. You know what can be really attractive? Watching your boyfriend do it for you. If you care about indoor air temperature control equipment, I strongly recommend that you date someone who has allergies. You see, just a few weeks ago, I started dating a very nice man who happens to have nasty respiratory allergies. I was very interested in spending time with him, but he seemed to be nervous to be at my house with the indoor air quality. I try not to be insulted, but one day my guy brought up my indoor air temperature control equipment. He said the HVAC system simply didn’t keep my indoor air quality high enough for him to breathe easily. He didn’t want to sound high-maintenance with HVAC demands, but he really needed a new air purification system installed in tandem with my central heating and cooling devices. Within two weeks, I suddenly had a brand new central air temperature control system, complete with modern air media purification hookups. On his dime! I don’t know if this relationship is going to last forever, but my indoor air quality is feeling amazing.
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