New truck driving job

Last month, I interviewed for a job with a long haul trucking business.

I have had my CDL license for 2 years, but during that time I have worked for a couple of different companies. I don’t like to be gone overnight, but most jobs that pay well will require that you do. Last month, I didn’t want to take a job that kept me out overnight. I only went to the interview because my Mom knew the owner of the business. She thought it would be a good option for me, so I went to the interview to talk to the guy. I unquestionably didn’t want to drive overnight or many days at a time, but the money was too fantastic to pass up. I get paid for every mile that I drive and every hour I am behind the wheel. I will be working as a delivery driver for an industrial Heating & A/C products business. The industrial Heating & A/C products company has a big warehouse in this city. I am responsible for picking up Heating & A/C products from the warehouse and delivering them to the separate hubs around the state. On Wednesdays, I am responsible for driving to the next state. I have to make one delivery there each month and I am required to stay in the truck the whole time. It’s a 10 hour drive there and 10 hours on the way home. I can’t even leave while the men are unloading. Thankfully, I have a toilet in the cab of our truck for emergencies. It’s a long stretching day on the road.

HVAC corporation