Nice lady needs help out of HVAC situation

I’m all for having rule of law and order.

I don’t believe it would be much of a life to live if things were just simply and totally chaotic.

However, with that rule of law there is also supposed to be some regular sense and compassion. I see none of that when it comes to our HOA and their treatment of our neighbor over a minor HVAC situation. What I see is a sweet older lady, who is on her own with a fixed income getting bullied. And what was her crime? The HVAC compressor cabinet outside her beach house is faded out. That’s right, she is being threatened with all manner of fines and litigation because her HVAC cabinet next to her lake house is sunshine faded. So this lady’s reward for making sure the HVAC repair happened consistently so it lasted along time is harassment from the HOA? That just sounds too ridiculous to be true. However to our grave dismay, it’s not. I have attempted to reason with the people behind the decision to threaten our neighbor. There was zero compassion or understanding from them. I went as far as to grab our son and go over there to paint the HVAC cabinet. This too was met with derision. They really want a lady on a fixed income to replace HVAC unit that works just enjoyable because it’s not the right color. It’s obscene really. So I don’t think so terrible about organizing a protest against this sort of behavior from the HOA. I’m going to make sure that every newspaper, local current channel or anyone else gets the facts about this terrible breach of regular decency.
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