Nice try, I’ll keep the HVAC

This week was an exciting series of events for me.

I was eagerly expecting a package to arrive today that I had quickly ordered in the mail from an online heating and cooling supplier about a week ago. What even was the package you might ask? The package was a window air conditioner unit that I needed. I had spent some time on the websites of heating and cooling businesses, looking through all of the connects that told myself and others to click here for more information, and rapidly viewing all of the currently available HVAC products that they had for sale. I wasn’t standing outside when the mail guy came to drop off our package, however I did definitely hear the sound of the truck pulling up. No sooner had I heard the loud sound of it being dropped off, and the next thing I knew there was someone running right straight up to our front porch and snatching our window air conditioner! I ran after the bothersome guy and he dropped it in a panic and I grabbed our box. The poor window cooling system was good and I took it inside to try it out. I opened a kitchen window and took it out of the box. The setup was easy and straightforward and I had seriously no issue putting it in the window and getting it running, however for such a small HVAC device it did an excellent job of bringing in plenty of cool air. The best thing is, it was on sale at the HVAC supplier when I obtained it. I liked it so much that I even started using it instead of our central air conditioner system, and it helped me to relax and get a good night’s sleep.


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