No A/C on spring break is a true bummer

My boyfriend and I decided to go to the tropics for spring break.

I let him make all of the reservations, because he wanted us to be in the same hotel with his friends.

I was happy that we were going to do something fun and exciting and I didn’t think twice about the accommodations or the hotel. Unfortunately, I should have asked a couple of questions before we left the house. When my boyfriend and I arrived at our spring break rental, I found out that we wouldn’t have any AC during the week long trip. My boyfriend told me that he got a great deal on the house rental with a pool and I understood why the deal was so great. I couldn’t believe that we would have to go all week without any AC and I was extremely unhappy. I yelled at my boyfriend and I complained for an hour. I went down to the beach and all of my anxiety and stress seemed to melt away. The house was very close to the beach and I could hear the waves as soon as I walked out the back door. Even though we didn’t have any AC during the entire week of spring break, I enjoyed the location. We were closer to the beach than any of our friends and we only miss the cold AC during the middle of the day. At night, we opened up the windows and let the cool breeze of the ocean come through our room. I was mad in the beginning, but I really had fun during that week in the tropics.


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