No A/C on the plane was horrible

I live in the south so I’m used to pretty hot hot & cold temperatures.

Sometimes though, the heat does get to me.

I did a supplier trip & went to an even further southern state. It was ridiculously hot there the entire time. I was fortunate that our hotel, supplier meetings & meals all had a/c. I never had to sweat to death. That is until I got onto the plane. I was in a state that was over 100 degrees & flying to our apartment state that was showing hot & cold temperatures in the high 90s, but obviously the plane should have used a/c for its passengers. Something went wrong with the plane cooling system. There was none. It was funny at first seeing people board the plane & immediately adjust their air vent. Some people were downright frantic to try & get cooling, then nothing came out of the air vent, no airflow was possible. The whole plane ride was awful. Not only was the air temperature high, however the sun was blaring into the plane as well. It had to be over 100 degrees on the plane. The lack of cooling made most people hot, smelly beasts too. Of course I was in a middle seat crammed between more than one very moist seatmates. I was so ecstatic to arrive to our hometown airport because I knew there would be AC. It was the longest, most horrible plane ride of our life; Cooling on a plane can make it bad or make it a pleasant experience. It seems the lack of A/C is the same.
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