No air conditioning at Graceland, but it was still worth it

A few summers ago my pals and I took a road trip across six states in seven days.

It was a wild ride, and we had a lot of fun. We hit a bunch of different beaches, and more importantly beachside bars, and even dropped into a few tourist traps along the way. The whole point of the trip was a pilgrimage to Graceland, the stately manor owned by Elvis Presley which is now a museum to his greatness. We all loved the King, but we also loved trash culture and knew his home would be a bonanza of bad taste. How much did we love it? So much that we still paid full price for the tickets knowing the air conditioners were not working that day. Graceland is a sprawling manor, so it didn’t have a single HVAC system, it had a network of them working together. Imagine having a home so big you need to call in the HVAC company that works on shopping malls just to service your miles worth of air ducts? That day one of the HVAC systems was offline, which put a lot more strain on the other systems. Some rooms were as cool and refreshing as they should have been, but others were sweltering hot, as if the furnace was still running. After driving all these miles, and getting psyched for the visit for so long, there was no way a lack of air conditioning was going to cost me this experience! It was a hot day, but my memories of it are cool, calm, and collected.
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