No hot water

The other night, I was getting ready to take my shower.

I set the control just like I usually do, thinking that I would be able to just jump in and get a hot shower.

My muscles were aching from moving furniture while trying to get some cleaning done. I felt grimy from all of the dust I had on me when I cleaned the attic. I smiled as I crawled into my shower and screamed when I jumped out. The water was freezing. I threw my robe around my wet body and yelled downstairs to my husband. He went to check the hot water heater, and he said it was working. I differed with him about the hot water heater working since my water was like ice. He came upstairs and checked on the water, and then he agreed that there hot water was cold. He switched off the electric hot water heater and turned on the boiler. He told me that if I waited ten minutes, the hot water would be working, but we had to turn the thermostat way down so the boiler didn’t give heating to the house. Waiting was not going to be a problem. Waiting without shivering to death, was going to be horrible. My hair was wet and I was cold, so I relished the idea of getting a bit of heating in the house. I left the thermostat up a bit so I could warm up while I was waiting for the boiler to heat my water. I just hope it doesn’t take much longer because I am freezing.
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