No more homelessness

The mini split plan is perfect for this environment.

There doesn’t seem to be a particularly fantastic explanation to offer for why I get moved around the home more like a homeless guy. Nobody wants me around. My teenagers definitely know I’m just an embarrassment. All I hear from them is go find off somewhere else to be Mom. You’re ruining our style or something to that effect. I’m not super sensitive so I just go and shuffle off to somewhere else. And then I get kicked out of that situation too. It’s particular ly terrible when I want to get a bit of a workout every few days. I can’t find anywhere permanent for our exercise equipment. I simply keep going from room to room. The greatest complaint I hear from everyone is that I turn the cooling system down too low to cool off just the single room I’m really working out in. I decided to take action and put our heavy Mom foot down a little bit. I have an office that gets invaded by tons of craft supplies or laundry or whatever. I moved all that stuff out and I went and called the HVAC guy. He came out and installed a mini split heating and air plan right in our office. It’s our office because it is the tiniest and most uncomfortable room in the house. It is set off from the home a bit so doesn’t get fantastic HVAC flow. The mini split plan is perfect for this environment. Not only have I fixed our office although I have put all our exercise stuff in there permanently. Now, also, I can set the temperature in our office any way I want. The mini split system is completely without the rest of the HVAC in the house. There will be no more getting shooed away for old Mom.


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