No need for HVAC on this day

I honestly can’t believe how stunningly perfect last Wednesday was. I really can’t lie, I didn’t even believe the forecast when I first saw it. There was just no way that it could be 65 degrees in February! Sure, I live only in the middle of the East coast–not too far south plus not too far north–but 65 for this time of year is not at all normal, even for us. Well, I woke up that day plus noticed the dwelling was eerily quiet! Initially, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realized it was so quiet because the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance wasn’t running! I put on the coffee plus checked the temperature control equipment in the living room, which said that the home was just at the right temperature setting, without the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance needing to be cycling. Usually the dwelling is at its coldest first thing in the day, so for it to already be warm was a great sign… By noon, I came back from my errands to find the dwelling was even warmer than my temperature setting. And the afternoon was so lovely out I was reluctant to come home. So I turned the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance off entirely, opened the windows, plus took my animal for a really long walk. It was just so lovely to feel the warm sunlight on me, without needing to wear a huge jacket, gloves, plus a scarf. My animal was so cheerful to be outside too, without needing to wear snow boots. That night, I didn’t crank on the central furnace until it was well past sunset. The weather calls for another afternoon in the 40s tomorrow, so I’ll likely wake up to the rumble of the gas furnace once more.

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