No please, tell me more

Not all that long ago, one of the most vital things to my wifey was to get a current pet in our residence… When both of us went to the pet store, it was a very interesting experience. The thing that totally bothered me the most was the fact that the air quality was absolutely horrible… All I could smell was a mixture of terrible creature smells all over the pet store. It was pretty much like breathing in a whiff of pee, poop, fur, and God knows what else. I remember asking the people there if they had any kind of whole-building air purifier to keep the smells taken care of. They said they did have a ventilation system, however they definitely didn’t have an air purifier. I told them they should definitely install one if they ever wanted to get rid of all the funky smells. They didn’t seem to be bothered by the smell very much though. My wifey absolutely didn’t seem to be bothered all that much either, she was just paying attention to all the cute pets, and she ended up falling in love about with these 2 puppies. They were the last ones apparently. I figured both of us were going there to just get one pet. I figured both of us could probably handle just the one. I would have to change the air filters more frequently, and I would also have to invest in a whole-residence air purifier for our lake residence to keep up with nice air quality. She couldn’t choose between the 2 and begged that we get the both of them. I relented and we ended up comiing back to our residence with two puppies. I absolutely am going to have to get a very powerful whole-residence air purifier!


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