No power means we have no air conditioning

Eventually, the power was restored to our area

Living in the South, there’s both positives and drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of this area is the risk of hurricanes. Sometimes, several years go by with little or no threat of a hurricane. I remember one year just recently when were impacted by three separate storms in the span of two months. With any hurricane activity, there is the risk of losing electrical power. We then lose access to air conditioner during the hottest and most humid time of the year. That hurricane season was especially active. It caused us to lose electricity for a total of twenty days in the middle of June. We really missed the air conditioner when we were without it. It’s just awful to be trapped inside, with no running water and have sweat running down your face. There was no way to cool ourselves off. With no power, we could not even use a fan. Fortunately, the stores in the mall had access to power from generators. Right after the passing of the storm, the mall opened up. My family found relief in the cool stores that were running their a/c. The commercial A/C system was able to handle the high heat and humidity. We found that most people had the same idea and the mall was very crowded. We were just happy to have access to air conditioning. Eventually, the power was restored to our area. We were able to run the A/C system again. It was such a relief.

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