No wonder I was sick – mice in the vents did untold damage to my immune system

I would just start coughing and sneezing all over again

There’s been a lot of change and unsettled situations that have legitimately thrown me off the path to success at times. I’ve been doing our best to get back on our feet, and rebuild some kind of life that I feel I can enjoy. And yet, it can be just so aggravating to try and stay on track, rather than getting overwhelmed in these challenging times! What I really could’ve gone without in this troubled time was to lose my health. That was, unfortunately for me, exactly what happened a few months ago. I started feeling chronic respiratory illness every morning and night, and that initially kicked up back in the spring. It was right as the air started warming up, as I would wake up in the morning and start hacking up anything I had breathed in by accident over the past year. Frankly, it was almost as though I just couldn’t get enough air into my chest! I would be wheezing so hard just to bring any of the high quality indoor air into this body. When I got to work, the breathing was easier for the most part. Being finished with tasks at the office and just like that, I’d be fine. Once I got home though, things went back to being bad. I would just start coughing and sneezing all over again. I was getting pretty sick of all of the distractions caused by this house, but eventually I figured out what the problem was while I was in a routine Heating and Cooling inspection! It was mice – tons and tons of mice, congregating in the ducts. That explained a lot!

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