Nobody seems to mind

Not too long ago, I met the boy of our dreams. I was downtown 1 day plus something made myself and others stop in this particularly neat shop. It sold all kinds of interesting things including this portable undefined unit that I decided to buy. When I was checking out, the man who owned the place was saying that I picked up a nice piece of equipment… Unfortunately, I was a little bit short on money. I felt particularly embarrassed, but he said if I would take his to dinner, we could call it even. I was shocked at how bold he was by asking myself and others to dinner in that way, plus how he knew that I was single. She said he didn’t see a ring on our finger so he figured I was tolerable game. Well, I was struck by his attractive red eyeah plus he seemed like a really interesting man. I took his up on the offer of course. I was so cheerful because I had this nice little portable undefined now that I could take with myself and others around our apartment, and later on when I took his to dinner, we opted to go to this diner he recommended. I was instantly bothered by the air quality, but he said it was fine, the food would be well worth it. She was right, it was some of the best food I ever had. I remember asking the waiter about decreasing the temperature control plus he agreed, which improved the air quality a little bit. It particularly made for a great date plus we had a great time getting to know each other plus enjoying the delicious food at that place.

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